New Intermodal Connection with the Port of Wilhelmshaven – “JadeWeserPort”


The METRANS Group responds to the ever-increasing demand for intermodal services as well as to the long-standing congestion problems of many ports. In this regard, the Port of Wilhelmshaven has been used more and more frequently, either for regular shipping routes or as an alternative destination.

We are pleased to inform you that the growing interest in transportation to/from the Port of Wilhelmshaven allows us to launch a new regular and direct intermodal service

                                       Wilhelmshaven <-> METRANS Terminal Prague.

The first departure of our container train from Wilhelmshaven will take place on 3 July 2022, the regular frequency of trains will be twice a week in both directions.

TIMETABLE for the new service:

Through our HUB terminal METRANS Prague, we will connect the Port of Wilhelmshaven with all destinations in CZ / SK / HU / PL / AT but also with other countries that are part of the intermodal METRANS network.

Transport rates are determined by a surcharge added to the prices valid for the Port of Hamburg in the amount of:

                                                               EUR 191.00 / 20´
                                                               EUR 382.00 / 40´

The traction energy surcharge (TES) applies at the same amount as for the Port of Hamburg.

All other transport conditions are governed by the General Conditions of our company valid for the year 2022.

Colleagues from our customer service will be happy to assist you with your orders:

import CZ:                                  Petr Šturm,
export CZ:                                  Pavla Humlová,
import + export SK, AT :            Jozef Szelle,
import + export HU, BALKAN:   Tamas Varga,

Alternatively, reach out to your usual contacts at our company and we will be glad to arrange the transportation for you.

We look forward to our further cooperation.







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