METRANS is one of the market leaders in intermodal transport. We do what it takes to take sea container ships further to inland Europe, connect numerous intermodal terminals with our shuttle trains, or make sure the products to and from the Silk Road get delivered faster and more reliably to Europe.

As a one-stop intermodal solution for your business, you can turn to us for any shipments globally, to and from Europe, in all directions. We believe that the future is intermodal. Loading your cargo once onto 20 or 40 feet container, open top, reefer, tank or bulk container once means that our experts make sure it gets the best mode of transportation selected for intact cargo delivery to the final destination.

We connect major sea cargo hubs such as North Sea and Adriatic ports, or broad gauge change rail hubs with inland Europe, maximizing synergies of 20 METRANS intermodal terminals and the power of our 650 weekly intermodal trains dispatched, there is no logistic solution we cannot provide for you.


Our vision is to be one of the leading intermodal providers, offering excellent all-in services and reliable supply chain solutions.

We realized this through our mission. That encompasses high efficiency, use of the latest technologies and innovations along with personal approach. Safe, timely and cost-efficient transportation is provided by proactive communication to our customers.



METRANS is committed to the green future. By choosing intermodal, you are choosing the most environmentally friendly land transportation – rail – combined with the efficiency of transshipment and last-mile truck deliveries.

Trains for long-distance land transport

By maximizing land transportation by rail, we significantly contribute to a greener future. Every METRANS train replaces up to 50 trucks rides. On a single Prague to Hamburg route, this means 500 trucks less on roads and 325,000 km less driven on roads every single day.

Our electric locomotives save energy with installed energy-recovery systems, while our modern hybrid shunting locomotives save up to 50% of emission compared to diesel ones.

Trucks for the last-mile delivery

Trucks are convenient, flexible, and fast. However, it comes with an environmental footprint higher by over 550% compared to ships or trains. But we only use trucks to get the containers to your doorsteps. We make sure our contracted trucking companies use the most environmentally modern fleet of trucks, in order to minimize this impact. Over 80% of our long-term subcontracted trucking companies have EURO6, EURO5, or EEV standard.

Thinking outside the box = keeping it inside the box

Transloading can be a big burden for the environment too. Here the thinking outside the box is actually to keep it all inside the box. The box container solution enables quick transfer from one mode of transportation into another. With this modal shift, your goods are only loaded only once inside the box, for the rest of the journey, we only move the box, keeping cargo intact, saving the environment by quick transloading and movement.

HHLA Pure – our commitment to the environment

We participate in the project HHLA-Pure, which offers totally CO2 neutral hinterland transport and this is a real contribution to climate improvement.




The owner of METRANS, Hamburger Hafen und Logistik AG (HHLA) is a leading European logistics company.

It develops logistical and digital hubs with customers for the transport flows of the future. In doing so, it focuses on innovative technologies and sustainable solutions. More on >>







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