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General Conditions:

Czech Republic

In case of interest for general conditions of container transport at METRANS, a.s. [CZ], please find your contact here.

For general conditions of The Association of Forwarding and Logistics of the Czech Republic please click here for EN and please click here for CZ version.


In case of interest for general conditions of container transport at METRANS /Danubia/, a.s., [SK], please find your contact here.

For general conditions of the Association of Logistics and Freight Forwarding of the Slovak Republic, please click here for EN and please click here for SK version.

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Additional information, links: How Google uses data



METRANS, a.s. undertakes to comply with the obligations pursuant to the Minimum Wage Law (MiLoG) and to ensure that any subcontractors also comply with the provisions of the Minimum Wage Law (MiLoG).

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