CO₂-neutral transport chains from the port to the hinterland

Hamburger Hafen und Logistik AG (HHLA) and METRANS are increasing their efforts to protect the climate and conserve resources. The aim is to make the entire Group climate neutral by 2040. The already successfully implemented sustainability strategy will now be realized under the “Balanced Logistics” brand. HHLA and METRANS hereby underscore the commitment to be both, economically successful as well as socially and ecologically responsible.

We have developed The HHLA Pure, a product that can ensure climate-neutral transport chains from the port into the European hinterland, making an important contribution to lowering transport-related CO₂ emissions. This product allows our clients to combine the strength of Hamburg as the largest European rail port with the environmentally friendly rail transport offered by the intermodal solution of METRANS.

We as METRANS are using energy efficient electric trains and lightweight flat wagons, which can transport more containers with the same train length. This offer enables You, our customers, to make Your container transport climate friendly and increases competitiveness at the same time.

In the 2019 we have successfully managed a pilot and in the 2020 the product was ready for rollout. In the first phase we offered routing from/to Hamburg, then we have extended the offer  also from/to Bremerhaven and Koper.

In 2021 we started to use only green energy in Germany as well as in Austria and reduced the CO2 for further 60%. During 2021 – 2022 we transported more than 900 tsd TEU per year with Zero Emission and more and more forwarding companies and shipping lines ask for certificates.

From 1.9.2023 a next milestone was set and also following ports become part of our  CO2 free transportation system: Wilhelmshaven, Gdansk, Rotterdam, Trieste and Rijeka. Furthermore, we integrated the inland terminals Duisburg in Germany and Indija in Serbia into the HHLA Pure network.

With the HHLA Pure product, METRANS offers our clients CO₂-free handling and also transport, and thus, together we make a real contribution towards climate protection.


HHLA and METRANS course of action:

  • Modern hybrid and electric locomotives
  • Electrification at the port container terminal
  • Handling at the HHLA container terminal with widely electrified processes
  • Transport and collection via METRANS with CO₂-optimised trains and wagons
  • Any currently unavoidable CO₂ emissions are offset through certified development projects to the highest international standard (Gold)

The Process:

  • Certification of HHLA Pure by TÜV Nord
  • Receiving customer-specific transports (volume/route)
  • Offsetting and monitoring by TÜV Nord
  • Confirmation of climate-neutral transports for customers
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