With growing trade between Europe and China, the demand for faster and reliable
connection is needed to support the New Silk Road, or Belt and Road Initiative.

Apart from container movements from the sea vessels, we take over the containerized cargo at the broad rail gauge exchange points in Poland and Slovakia. Malaszewice as an entry point
for trains from China in Poland, serves a connection to our Ceska Trebova [CZ] hub and from there to further terminals across Europe. METRANS as owner of one of the biggest container terminals on this most important border crossing has an unique position to serve the trains
from and to China and Central Asia very fast and with efficiency. HUB Malaszewicze is as connected with regular trains to METRANS network.

Just like in any other transports, you can fully rely on Metrans for your fully integrated logistics solutions on a New Silk Road, for transport of goods between China and Europe.

We connect The Belt and Road initiative to Europe via

▪ Malaszewice / Brest (PL / BY) and


with our network of own, high sophisticated container terminals & depots and modern railway hubs in Prague (CZ) / Ceska Trebova (CZ) / Dunajska Streda (SK) / Budapest (HU) / Poznan (PL).


Xian & Wuhan – Ceska Trebova (CZ)

  • Routing via Malaszewicze (PL)
  • HUB Concept to METRANS Network
  • Connection to Dunajska Streda, Krems, Salzburg, Budapest, Hamburg, Duisburg


Zhengzhou – Hamburg (DE) and Dabrowa Gornicza (Katowice, PL)

  • Direct connection to Hamburg and via Hamburg to Munich
  • Southern Polish area served via HUB terminal Dabrowa Gorrnicza with connection to the port of Gdansk


Xian /Wuhan/Jinhua – Budapest (HU)

  • HUB Concept
  • Further connection to the East European countries like Romania, Serbia

Xian – Dunajská Streda (SK)

  • Further connection to Istanbul


Xian – Milano (IT)

  • Dedicated connection on regular basis






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