Notice about railway transport restrictions on the Slovenian railways, 15.1.2021

Let us inform you in the enclosed statement received from the Slovenian railways about the current railway transport restrictions in Slovenia. The permeability of transport lines is limited by several factors such as the implementation of the bypass routes through the border crossings of
Sentilij and Sezana, by various maintenance works, and by the closure of Karavanke tunnel.

Due to this extraordinary ongoing situation in the Port of Koper, which we informed you about in Newsletter No.02/2021, we were forced to reorganize our trains from/to Koper.

The restrictions mentioned above may have an effect on the transit time of our trains from/to Koper.

In case of any questions regarding the actual planning of your transport orders and transit times from/to Koper, please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Service Department.


The original letter from Slovenian railway infrastructure:

We inform you, it is during the implementation of the closure of the Karavanke tunnel and the implementation of bypass routes via the Šentilj and Sežana border crossing in the PRI area, several emergencies occurred, which affect the quality of the implementation of the operational timetable and the throughput of individual routes.
Due to the emergencies and their remediation, unexpected closures were introduced on individual routes, including:

  • Scraping of the rolling stock at the Maribor Tezno station,
  • Extraordinary event at the Dobova station (obstructed technological work process
  • Rail started on the section of the line Divača – Koper
  • Extraordinary event (driving) on the station Maribor Tezno, evening line closure.

The competent services of the operator carried out all activities to establish and ensuring railway safety.

We urge all included in the logistics chain to adapt to the given situation in the railway traffic. Please ensure that the optimal implementation of the operational timetable comply with the operational orders of the competent services of the operator.






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