Alternative Solution for the October lockout period in the Elbe Valley Concerning Hamburg and Bremerhaven


Dear Customers,

We follow up on our Newsletter No. 60/2023, in which we informed you about a continuous ten-day lockout in the Elbe Valley area, which will take place from 17/10/2023, 08:00 p.m. to 27/10/2023, 04:00 a.m. and will significantly limit our connections from/to North German ports, Rotterdam and Duisburg.
For the lockout period, we provide alternative detour routes for our trains. However, these routes will be replacement corridors for all rail transport, and therefore, their availability and mainly passability will not be fully guaranteed by the relevant infrastructures.
In order to strengthen the overall transport capacity to North German ports, we have prepared another above standard solution for transportation on the closed section. In case of interest, we can transport the containers using a shuttle connection by trucks between METRANS Prague and METRANS Česká Třebová terminals and METRANS Berlin terminal, which will then distribute the shipments by rail to Hamburg and Bremerhaven and vice versa.
In this regard, however, the following conditions apply:

  • The capacity is limited, the planning of shipments in this form will take place based on the availability of free trucks.
  • We can transport a container with a maximum weight of 27 tons including tare.
  • The possibility of transporting dangerous goods will be assessed individually.
  • The offered service is charged with a one-time individual surcharge of TDS (Truck Disruption Service) in addition to the applicable transport price. For the specific amount of the one-time surcharge, please contact our Customer Service or Pricing Department directly.

We believe that the offered truck shuttle service is a beneficial solution for your urgent deliveries, and thanks to this product, we can more easily overcome the critical period of the ten-day closure.







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