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Dear Business Partner,

We as METRANS Group are happy and proud to announce that we have a new family member.

Terminal operator CL EUROPORT Sp. Z. o. o. belongs to the METRANS network from now on.

The terminal is strategically located on the 2nd Pan – European Transport Corridor and cross Brest – Malaszewicze. With its location, CL EUROPORT becomes the next HUB TERMINAL in the METRANS network, a HUB for the new Silk Road, and a possible crossing point between the two essential track gauges – the 1435 mm and the 1520 mm ones.

We as METRANS have many years of cooperation with CL EUROPORT, dating back to the times when our activities in Poland started. CL EUROPORT will continue to serve all clients and the added value of the METRANS IT system and the additional connections to the METRANS network. Still, beyond all that, we again see that the HUB concept is workable. This new relation brings us an excellent opportunity to learn from each other, to develop further synergies between the company and our clients.

Today we would also like to present that the company will be managed by two managing directors:

Mr Miroslaw SMULCZYNSKI has been representing the company since 2017 as an MD. In the future, he will also join forces with the METRANS family and be responsible for the operation, investments and local representation. We are happy to have the possibility to benefit from the experience of Mr Smulczynski and also from the experience of the EUROPORT team.

Mr Martin KOUBEK joined METRANS in 2018 and established the Silk Road department from day one. With this new acquisition, he will also be responsible for sales activities and corporate affairs.

Best regards,