In these difficult times, we have decided that it´s time to inform you also about the days of our lives.

We would like to assure you that the whole METRANS Team is doing OK. Thanks to the efforts of our colleagues, nevertheless if in the offices, or on the terminals, or on our locos, we are here, every day, doing the daily job. All the trains are running and the terminals are working, without limitations.

Maybe you have already noticed that some of our colleagues are working from the “home office” positions, the other part is working from the offices. We have also taken measures to minimize the contact, paper running & flow. At least we can see that the level of the digitalization that the METRANS is the front runner for years is now bringing the fruits. Despite facts which are regulating the transportation life, we are bringing the effort to deliver all the containers based on your requests, requests of your customers. We are trying to inform you about all the limitations, or changes, influences, presented by the authorities as soon as possible. This was the information about some limitations for road transportation to and from Hungary, by the last/first mile which is crossing the border between Hungary and Slovakia. We are monitoring the current developments actively. Once more we would like to assure you about working and delivering the METRANS service and paying all the attention to our teams, as you all are doing the same and we hope to have soon the possibilities to meet also in person.

In the meantime, if you will have a question, please do not hesitate to contact us anytime. By phone, maybe through some video calls. And in the end our letter, we would like to send you one positive picture, brightening our days, together. 

We would like to wish you a lot of healthy days and see you soon. 

Greetings from the METRANS Team






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