Current Situation on the Railway Corridor from/to Koper


Dear Business Partner,

last week we informed you about the temporary suspension of rail traffic and the cancellation of 3 pairs of trains due to bad weather conditions in Slovenia. In the last few days, we were again forced to reorganise our trains from/to Koper and cancel 6 pairs of trains due to a combination of unfavourable circumstances from the past week:

  • Delay of vessel Maersk Huacho
  • Derailment at Koper Tovorna station
  • Congestion of Koper Tovorna station
  • Congestion at the Hodoš border, which affected handover of trains
  • Power outage at Hodoš station on Thursday 15.12.2022 between 10:00 – 14:00 o´clock
  • Disruption of traffic caused by frost and fallen trees on Friday 16.12.2022 from 00:51 o´clock
  • Major disruption in the fulfillment of the operational timetable in freight and passenger traffic due to icing
  • Implementation of updates on the JŽI network
  • Introduction of short unexpected closures due to the rehabilitation of infrastructure failures.

Despite our best efforts, we are currently unable to replace the cancelled capacity. Due to the upcoming holidays, our capacities will continue to be limited and it will not be possible to discharge all the goods accumulated in the Port of Koper. Unfortunately, the lack of capacity will affect the transit time of our trains from/to Koper.

In case of any questions regarding the current planning of your shipments and transit times from/to Koper, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service department.







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