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Current Situation on the Railway Corridors Leading to/from the Northern Ports – Update No.1


Dear Customers,

Unfortunately, we have to inform you that after the weekend, the situation between the hinterland and the North German ports is very complicated once again.

On the evening of Saturday 10.09.2022, level 3 – suspension of train reception – was announced in Hamburg for the reception of trains (see the attached report). Although the service was restored around midday on Sunday, trains were stopped along the way. It is therefore not possible to ensure a regular circulation of sets, which also has a negative effect on trains to Bremerhaven and Wilhelmshaven.

This situation will have the main effects in the form of train disruptions on export and import between Hamburg, Bremerhaven and the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Austria. Unfortunately, under these conditions, we are unable to guarantee timely deliveries to vessels in the ports, and import shipments will subsequently be delayed. More than 20 of our trains are being stopped en route to and from the ports, and they will need to be activated gradually. We will try to ensure their arrival to the ports in the shortest time possible.

Please take the above-mentioned circumstances into account when planning your transports and contact our customer service with questions about your specific shipments.






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