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Development of METRANS Budapest-Csepel Terminal (BUCS)


Referring to our Newsletter 58/2022 from 23 May 2022 about a planned modernization of METRANS Budapest-Csepel Terminal (BUCS), we would like to send you some more detailed information regarding the construction of the fourth gantry crane.
The construction of the new, already fourth gantry crane will start on 21 June 2022 and the planned completion date of the construction including the commissioning of the crane is set for 30 September 2022.
During construction, there will be some restrictions on the operation of the terminal. Despite these planned limitations, we will try to optimize the activities at the terminal and we believe that with this investment and modernization we can be prepared for the next challenges that undoubtedly await us.
We ask for your understanding and more intensive cooperation with our customer service when planning shipments during this period. We will keep you informed of the progress of this development.
Thank you for understanding.