Development of Rail Transport Prices in Germany


Dear Customers,

Unfortunately, we are experiencing a new negative trend in Europe. It is up to each country to decide whether or not to subsidise the railways. This is despite the fact that there was a period when we were proclaiming how important railways were and that we had to give priority to railways.  Unfortunately, what we see today is that the railways are only favoured by private companies, the so-called private railway operators, who are trying to run the railways with their last ounce of strength.

The consequent decision to – repeatedly –  increase the price of transporting goods by rail by more than 16% (from EUR 3.21 to EUR 3.73) per kilometre for next year, specifically in Germany, is therefore in direct contradiction with previous statements that combined transport, which is made up to a large extent of rail transport, should be promoted and prioritised over road transport with regard to the environment.

Due to the fact that rail transport allowances are being cut at the same time, it is expected that between December 2023 and December 2024, according to information from DB InfraGO, there will be a dramatic price increase in Germany totalling 121% per kilometre.

The DB InfraGO report can be found here.

This sector will continue to experience difficult times. Intermodal operators will be faced with a difficult situation where they will need to react, adjust their practices and minimise the impact on their customers and make the benefits of rail transport more attractive.

METRANS has always tried and is trying to develop combined transport, to find and build new services that would ultimately transfer transport from road to rail, within the framework of membership in national associations, but also at international level, hand in hand with the adopted plans of the European Union. Our company’s extensive network of connections and dedicated projects are proof of this.

We have no effective cure for the new trend of this epidemic. However, we promise to continue our efforts, despite the negative reports of increasing costs associated with rail transport.







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