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Easter railway track closure in Hamburg


Dear Customers,

Total railway track closure planned during Easters from 15.04.2022 to 18.04.2022 between the stations Hausbruch Mitte and Alte Süderelbe will stop all trains between Hamburg and the Port of Hamburg.

The closure is planned by DB Netz due to reconstructions of the railway track and electric lines and will proceed at the same time as Easter closure of Port of Hamburg.

Please note that the closure may have an impact on transit time of export and import shipments on the corridor between Port of Hamburg and Czechia, Slovakia, Poland, Austria and Germany and visa versa.

In spite of the fact that the closure is caused by external factors, we will do our best to minimalize the impact on the transit times of your shipments.

For specific information about the impact of railway track closure on your shipments, please reach out the particular customer service representative who will be ready to provide it to you.

Thank you for your understanding.