Extension of the Neutral Regular Rail Connection TK Halkali – Dunajska Streda via Budapest and Indija


Dear Customers,

In the current edition of this newsletter, we would like to announce news regarding our Turkish service.

Our direct service between Dunajska Streda and Halkali (v.v.) is in the operation since September 2022. The great advantage of this connection is the fact of the METRANS network, which is connecting through the HUB Terminal Dunajska Streda a wide range of options for onward delivery to ports and other European destinations. In CEE, in Germany, Benelux, etc

Our trains transport all sort of containers, incl. special equipment, like tank containers of all sizes on our trains. As an additional support we as METRANS do offer for these transports our fleet of own 45′ containers. Containers are provided from depots in Halkali, Dunajska Streda, Ceska Trebova, Budapest and Prague.

In response to the increased interest in our services, the capacity will be increased from March 2024 by additional departures.

The test trains started running on 19 February 2024.
We are listening to the needs of you, our customers, which is why we are also introducing a new line concept with the possibility of delivering goods to Indija terminal in Serbia and Budapest in Hungary.

With the development of regular connections between Halkali terminal and our METRANS DUNAJSKA STREDA, METRANS BUDAPEST CSEPEL and also our BELGRADE TERMINAL INDJIJA terminal, we are able to meet the needs of our customers as follows:

Regular weekly connections:
HALKALI terminal – METRANS BELGRADE (Indjija) terminal: 2 x a week / direction
HALKALI terminal – METRANS BUDAPEST CSEPEL terminal: 1 x per week / direction
HALKALI terminal – METRANS DUNAJSKA STREDA terminal: 1 x a week / direction

Thank you for your support and we look forward to further cooperation.







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