Gigatrucks: Threat to safety and sustainability on European roads


In the field of transport, the pursuit of safety and sustainability should always come first. At METRANS, we strictly follow this principle, especially when we have to face an urgent problem such as the potential integration of gigatrucks.

Although the European Union is taking steps towards greening the transport sector, recent legislative discussions have raised alarm bells. Proposed amendments could allow gigatrucks to roam European roads, seriously compromising both safety and sustainability.

Gigatrucks may boast impressive dimensions, but their presence is a serious concern:

  • Increased risk of accidents: Their immense size and weight make manoeuvring difficult, putting both drivers and pedestrians at risk.
  • Strain on infrastructure: These oversized vehicles put enormous pressure on roads and bridges, accelerating their wear and tear and increasing maintenance costs, thus shortening the life of the infrastructure.
  • Environmental impact: In contravention of EU climate targets, Gigatrucks could increase CO2 emissions by more than 6.5 million tonnes per year, worsening air quality and holding back the environmental progress.

It is therefore clear that the proposed amendment to the EU Directive undermines the objectives of the Green Deal. Gigatrucks mean more trucks, more CO2 emissions, more accidents, and increased costs—not just for the rail sector, but for our environment and EU taxpayers as well.

We are committed to greening transport and emphasise the key role of intermodal transport in achieving sustainability goals.

The forthcoming meeting of the EU Council of Transport Ministers on 18 June presents an opportunity to veto the proposed amendments and rethink the trajectory of transport policy. Through a shared commitment, we can protect our environment and pave the way for a safer and greener future.

If you agree, we encourage you to support the campaign by sharing this information. It is very important to reach as many people as possible, as there is still a chance to prevent the introduction of gigatrucks.

Together, let’s keep our roads safe and our planet green 🌍

Watch Rail Freight Forward Europe’s video below which highlights the negative impacts on infrastructure:






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