Hungary – limited border crossing for freight transport

Based on a decision of Hungarian state authorities, the border crossings to enter Hungary with a freight has been limited. Effective from 01.09.2020, at 0:00, a new governmental decree has become valid, where Hungary closed all borders for all foreigners. The entrance to Hungary is allowed only to citizens of Hungary, or citizens having a living permit in Hungary.

Unfortunately this decree is having influence also on international freight transportation and with the decree validity, it is allowed to enter or exit Hungary – with freight/trucks – only through three border crossing points between Slovakia and Hungary. This decree is having an impact on the deliveries via terminal DUNAJSKA STREDA.

Since the beginning of September 2020, following border crossings are open:

  • ČUŇOVO – RAJKA (Dunacsúny – Rajka)
    o For transport via terminal DUNAJSKA STREDA
  • ŠAHY – PARASSAPUSZTA (Ipolyság – Parassapuszta)
    o Alternative routing for transport via terminal DUNAJSKA STREDA
  • MILHOSŤ – TORNYOSNÉMETI (Miglécnémeti – Tornyosnémeti)
    o For all transport via terminal KOŠICE

Based on this decree, all transports, deliveries, pick-ups – with date 01.09.2020, 0:00, we must implement the following surcharges:

  • ČUŇOVO – RAJKA (Dunacsun – Rajka)
    o For all transport via terminal DUNAJSKA STREDA a surcharge of EUR 250,00 will be charged
  • ŠAHY – PARASSAPUSZTA (Ipolyság – Parassapuszta)
    o For transport via terminal DUNAJSKA STREDA routed via above border crossing point a surcharge of EUR 250,00 will be charged
  • MILHOSŤ – TORNYOSNÉMETI (Miglécnémeti – Tornyosnémeti)
    o For all transport via terminal KOŠICE no surcharge will be charged


AN UPDATE from 04/09/2020:

We would like to inform you that further border crossing points will be opened between Slovakia and Hungary by the decision of the government of Hungary, with effect from 05/09/2020 5:00 a.m.
For freight transport in the territory of Slovakia or Hungary with unloading/loading (according to the waybill), and for transit, additionally to the currently opened border crossing points the following border crossing points will be also opened from 05/09/2020:
– Medvedov – Vamosszabadi (the one mostly used for TERMINAL DUNAJSKA STREDA)
– Siatorska Bukovina – Salgotarjan / Somoskoujfalu
Based on the above-mentioned decision, shipments from/to Hungary via our terminal in Dunajska Streda can be planned again through border crossing point Medvedov / Vamosszabadi, and it is not necessary to use the detour route leading through Cunovo / Rajka or Sahy / Parassapuszta. The transports can be planned more efficiently and without additional costs.


We will monitor the situation by the authorities and inform you about further development. We all do understand the complexity of the situation, the problems of the transportation sector, which is trying to move the cargo forward. Unfortunately, such decisions are making life even more difficult. We would like to declare that all the METRANS terminals are under operation, our trains are running, our colleagues are working, some of them on the home office base, some of them in our offices, to split the risks of the today ́s life.

The limitation of the entering points for freight for only 3 places may have also impact on the delivery times, because of the waiting times, additional driving time, etc. Please be so kind as to check the next paragraph about alternative routing via BUDAPEST CSEPEL, our terminal in HUNGARY very carefully and please contact us.

For HUNGARY we would also like to point out that in case of further development of the situation, or an escalation, we do offer the service (as an additional alternative) of the deliveries/pick-ups in HUNGARY via terminal BUDAPEST CSEPEL. The terminal is connected by rail on a daily basis to our HUB DUNAJSKA STREDA. From there we have the HAMBURG, BREMERHAVEN, ROTTERDAM,
KOPER, DUISBURG connections, and BUDAPEST CSEPEL is also connected directly to KOPER on a daily basis. For changes or questions please do not hesitate to contact our customer service or pricing department.






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