Impending Warning Strikes in the Ports of Hamburg and Bremerhaven – Update No. 4

Dear Business Partners,

As we have already announced, wage negotiations between the North German seaports and trade union VERDI are still ongoing. After another failed round, another warning strike will take place in the ports of Hamburg, Bremerhaven and Wilhelmshaven. According to the media, it should start on Thursday 14.07.2022 at 7:00 and it is supposed to last for 48 hours. The same report has been also issued by HHLA – see attachment.
The suspended traffic in the ports will cause noticeable delays this time as well and it will rapidly worsen the already critical situation of train handling in both import and export. In regard to our newsletter 83/2022 on operational problems in North German  ports, we add that current train delays are up to 72 hours. Moreover, due to the strike, METRANS is now forced to cancel the departure of at least 24 pairs of its trains to and from North German ports.

Despite the constant external interference with our services, we do everything in our power to deliver your containers as soon as possible. Nevertheless, please expect delays and possible additional costs when planning your transport.
For information about your specific shipments, please contact our customer service.






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