Latest News on the Intermodal Connection with the Port of WILHELMSHAVEN – “JadeWeserPort”


Dear Customers,
With regard to our Newsletter No. 147/2022, we would like to inform you that our direct service between METRANS Prague Terminal and the Port of WILHELMSHAVEN will be optimised and it will work even better and faster. The reason for this optimisation is to acquire regular railway routes from and to Wilhelmshaven, as well as the fact that we are switching to METRANS electric traction on the mentioned route.
We would like to inform you that with effect from 01/04/2023, we are cancelling the surcharge of EUR 191.00/TEU, which for the Port of Wilhelmshaven we apply to your tariff price list valid for the Port of Hamburg.
From this date, i.e. 01/04/2023 (departure from the port in import direction, departure to the port in export direction), prices to/from the Port of Wilhelmshaven to the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria and Hungary will be applied per the TARIFF prices valid for the Port of Hamburg/Bremerhaven.
It does NOT apply to negotiated special price arrangements and does not apply to connections within Germany, Poland services (except for connections via Czech terminals).
The currently valid timetable, which we remind you of below, is in the process of being expanded to include additional connections:


We believe that with this step and with the reliability of the METRANS Prague ↔ Wilhelmshaven connection, we will successfully expand our regular services from/to the northern ports of Hamburg, Bremerhaven and Gdansk.

We look forward to further cooperation, we look forward to your orders.







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