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Lock-out of railway route to METRANS Zlin terminal


Dear Business Partners,

Due to unavoidable construction works on railways, the following limitation of operation is going to take place between METRANS Ceska Trebova and Zlin terminals in Czech Republic.

During the period of 02.07.2022 from 7.10 a.m. – 06.07.2022 till 12:00 p.m. an uninterrupted lock-out of railway route leading to terminal METRANS Zlin is going to take place. During this lock-out, the terminal will provide all activities in respect of road deliveries, handlings and depot service, but it won’t be possible to accept or dispatch railway shipments, to process trains during the period mentioned above.

The last trains between the METRANS Ceska Trebova and METRANS Zlin terminals will depart on 01.07.2022, and the first trains will depart again on 06.07.2022, always in both directions. Due to public holidays, the lock-out period includes only one working day.

We would like to apologize for complications and we believe that you understand unavoidability of these necessary construction works. Details to effect of lock-out to particular shipments will be provided by respective customer service departments.