METRANS Group Invests in its Second Rail Simulator in Hamburg


METRANS Group acquired a new, advanced rail simulator in Hamburg, following the success of its first simulator in Prague. Developed by Zusi, this technology is a significant advancement in the training capabilities of METRANS Rail, positioning the company at the forefront of railway operation and technology training.

3D Simulations in Real-Time

The addition of this simulator enhances realism and comprehensiveness of rail operation training. It provides a dynamic 3D simulation of railway scenarios in real-time, making it an ideal platform for testing and demonstrating new technologies and applications related to rail vehicles and driving dynamics.

Wide Range of Real-World Scenarios

The simulator stands out for its ability to replicate a wide range of real-world scenarios, including various track irregularities, adverse weather conditions, and different signaling systems. This capability is crucial for training locomotive drivers, allowing them to practice handling rare but potentially hazardous situations in a safe and controlled environment.

1350 km of Tracks and all Control Systems

The simulated network includes about 350 kilometers of rail and 1000 kilometers of tracks, featuring realistic stations, junctions, and signaling systems. With integrated control systems like PZB, LZB, and ETCS, it offers a comprehensive training experience that covers many possible operational challenges and irregularities.

Custom-built for METRANS

Custom-built for METRANS Rail, the simulator runs on Zusi 3 professional software, which is flexible and easily updated or expanded remotely. The driver’s cab is accurately recreated to provide an authentic driving experience, further enhancing the training’s effectiveness.

Tool to Inspire the Next Generation of Railway Professionals

Beyond training current employees, the simulator serves as an educational tool to inspire the next generation of railway professionals. During open days, it attracts not only railway enthusiasts but also individuals interested in pursuing a career in this field. It highlights the three-year training program for becoming a railway operator, offering a unique insight into the profession.

With this new simulator, METRANS Group is not only committed to improving safety and efficiency in rail operations but also to fostering education and interest in the railway industry among young people.






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