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METRANS is Expanding its GDANSK Service


In September 2022 our new service from/to the Port of Gdansk has been launched.

The volumes achieved so far as well as the continuous number of requests and inquiries about our service from/to the Port of Gdansk prove that the introduction of this service was a step in the right direction.  

In the meantime, the product is fulfilling customers´ requirements already 3 times a week and is as a stand-alone product supporting not only deep sea, but also short sea and continental combined transport.

At our Gdansk service, we now also offer the possibility of a connection from/to the Port of Gdynia – by truck.

In addition, we have direct access to the NAVIS port system, which enables us to ensure rapid customs clearance and release of the container for subsequent rail transport.

From the beginning, our trains have been running 3 times a week according to a precisely defined schedule, and we have managed to keep this tendency until today. Further development is in the pipeline. 

The orders are processed by the Gdansk customer service department at METRANS, a.s. Prague.
Contact person: Ondřej Krejčí, email:

Thank you for your support and we look forward to further cooperation in 2023!







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