Monitoring of Road Infrastructure in the Czech Republic


Dear Customers,

Due to constant overloading of trucks, the state supervision of the Czech Republic is strengthening the monitoring of road infrastructure. The installation of high-speed checkweighers is gradually being extended to all road categories. Trucks are being inspected more and more frequently to ensure that the axles are not overloaded or that the maximum permitted weight is not exceeded.

We would like to draw your attention to point 1.6. of the METRANS General Terms and Conditions and the resulting obligation for proper loading of cargo. In case of imposition of a fine or other sanction, it will be charged to the ordering party in accordance with point 1.6.:

1.6. The ordering party shall be liable to METRANS for exceeding the axle pressure in road or railway combination vehicles resulting from wrong distribution of the load and/or from exceeding of permitted weight or total consignment and/or container weight. In cases specified in the preceding sentence, the ordering party shall be invoiced any pecuniary or non-pecuniary damage caused to METRANS or third parties, all fines or other sanctions imposed and other possible additional costs. Analogously, the ordering party shall be liable to METRANS and the ordering party shall be invoiced  all costs, fines, sanctions and all damages or harm related to wrongly declared weight of the goods.

We also point out that 3-axle trucks are dedicated to transportation of containers whose weight requires it. For this reason, they are not planned for trasportation of containers whose weight does not make it necessary and the maximum limit of the permitted weight would not be exceeded.







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