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New regulations on delivery by rail in Hamburg


Dear Customers,

At the end of last week, we received information from HHLA about a newly introduced rule for delivery of export containers by rail.
As you can see in the attached document, it is now mandatory to deliver containers for export to specific ships no earlier than 7 days before the ship’s scheduled arrival at the port of Hamburg. This rule enters into force for containers delivered from 01.04.2022 and applies to all terminals operated by HHLA (CTA, CTB, CTT). We hereby ask you to take this information into account when planning your shipments.
The decisive source of information on the arrival and departure of ships, which we are now obliged to follow when planning the departure of containers to the port, can be found here: HHLA COAST. We will follow this rule, which, considering the trend in significant vessel delays, may lead to incurring costs for transporting and/or storing of containers at other terminals. Our company cannot be held liable for these additional costs, and if these costs are received, we will be forced to reinvoice them to you.
Thank you for your understanding and we believe that we will be able to handle everything so that this rule has only a minimal impact on your shipments.
For more specific information about your shipments, please reach out our customer service department.







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