Ongoing complications on the northern METRANS connections


Dear Customers,

Following the previous newsletters on the situation in Hamburg and the problems with handling containers at the CTA Hamburg terminal, we would like to provide you information on the current situation.

Unfortunately, the situation from last week at the CTA Hamburg terminal still remains very complicated and the terminal informed us that at least until March 16th 2022 it’s possible to deliver containers to the terminal only under the conditions that you already know from previous newsletters, namely the delivering of export containers allowed only balanced, in connection to the dispatching of import containers.

Vessels arriving to ports continue to be delayed and the supply of import containers does not correspond to the number of containers ready for transport on export trains. Currently, we can dispatch only about a third of the usual number of trains ex CTA. Containers for export are thus still stopped and blocked at inland terminals, and it is necessary to count with the costs of their storage, delays in transport and other associated costs. If they are charged to us, we will reinvoice them further.

In connection to overloading of the CTA / KTH terminal in Hamburg, the handling of containers destined for additional shunts within Hamburg via the Eurokombi Hamburg terminal is still very complicated and the accepting of containers to the Eurokombi terminal in Hamburg may be also temporarily suspended. Unfortunately then, there may be delays in shunting these containers, or our colleagues may offer you an alternative to transport them to the destination depot or from the releasing external depot in Hamburg via another terminal; your partner at our customer service department will inform you about the price for such a service. The operation of trains to the EUROGATE sea terminal runs normally, without restrictions.

In addition, from the beginning of March, construction works on the main railway line between the Czech Republic and Germany on two parallel construction sites in Děčín and Bad Schandau in Germany has begun to complicate the operational situation on the northern connections. Here, there’s just one railway line on one river bank and there also take place complete closures of the line overnight and other restrictions on rail freight traffic. As from March 7th 2022, there stays only one track at disposal in section between Bad Schandau and Königstein. Unfortunately, in connection with the above, there are delays also in processing trains in seaports and the subsequent delay on the route can reach 48 hours, despite all our efforts and exceptionally organized shifts.

We stay available for your further questions.







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