Optimisation of Truck Capacities in 2024


Dear Customers,

We would like to introduce you to the changes in the area of truck positionings planned from 01/01/2024. Based on the development of transported volumes and our efforts to maintain the most favourable prices and high-quality service, we have started the process of optimising truck capacities.

Change in free time

Free time for loading/unloading, potential customs procedure or other requested stop will be reduced to 3 hours from the first positioning.

After the expiration of the free period, the waiting fee will be charged as follows:
15 € will be charged for the 4th commenced hour.
From the 5th hour, 30 € will be charged for each commenced hour, however,
maximum of 285 €/day will be charged.

This change will be included in the METRANS General Terms and Conditions valid from 01/01/2024, but it will only come into effect for transports from 01/04/2024. It will be valid for services via CZ, SK, HU and PL. Other conditions related to positionings will not change. By postponing the validity of this point, we want to give you more time to adapt to the new circumstances.

Support of afternoon positionings

With effect from 01/01/2024, transports with a positioning ordered between 3:00 – 6:00 p.m. will be discounted with an instant rebate in the amount of 15 €/truck.

This concept refers to shipments from METRANS terminals in CZ, SK, HU, PL named above. Furthermore, it applies to cross-border positionings from CZ terminals to destinations in SK and from SK terminals to HU destinations.

On the other hand, transports from terminals in DE, AT, RO, SRB, cross-border positionings from CZ terminals to DE, AT, PL and positionings that are ensured by special regimes (shunting/drop and swap) are excluded.

We will monitor the functionality of this setting, evaluate it regularly and inform you about the results.

We believe that the described changes will help distribute the work of our hauliers more evenly and contribute to a better availability of trucks for your loadings/unloadings.







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