Restrictions in seaport Rotterdam, first of all for units destined to transfer between RSC and RST South

Dear customers,

The RSC rail Service Center terminal in Rotterdam is currently facing major capacity issues on the terminal due to the fact that the transports to RST South stop A 2 (destinations Hull / Grangemouth) are suspended completely; the reason why this part of the shunting process has stopped is the lack of yard capacity on RST South. At this moment there are 169 units at RSC terminal for the mentioned destinations.

RSC will still accept internal transport units but they will handle them in a different way as usual. These units will be stacked in a special for this situation created area (stack 2) at RSC Rotterdam, waiting for the moment the yard capacity problems on RST South are completely solved and controlled. This means that these units will only be accessible after “last in-first out” principle, any prioritization can and will not be possible for these units. All these units will be charged with an “Extra Move” surcharge apart of the usual handling, shunt and storage costs.

Please be aware of the consequences by sending units to these specific destinations via Rotterdam RST. RSC will not accept any responsibility if these units will not be shunted to RST South on time. This measure will start as from March 13th 00:00hrs.

In addition, we must also add that due to several serious problems in Rotterdam last week – storms that temporarily stopped operation at all terminals, technical problems at RSC (1 of 4 tracks at RSC out of service) and the above mentioned collapse at RST terminal – all METRANS trains till the end of this week already are booked at full capacity. Unfortunately then, there can also take place delays in deliveries of containers. At the same time, this means that no containers can be dispatched earlier than as they are currently planned. More information will be provided by our respective customer service department.







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