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Planned restrictions on the main railway line in the Czech Republic

Dear customers,

We would like to draw your attention in advance to the planned reconstruction of one of the main railway lines in the Czech Republic, which will begin on April 6th 2021 and will continue in various stages until the end of 2021. The reconstruction will take place at section of main corridor Ceska Trebova – Pardubice and there will be affected trains towards north-European ports from / to the Ceska Trebova terminal and connections between Prague and Ceska Trebova. For all our regular trains, we managed to negotiate routes ensuring the passage of trains through the affected section, and their quality should not be significantly negatively affected. However, possible problems cannot be completely excluded and the real impacts will be known only after the start of the construction works. Our colleagues from respective customer service departments will inform you about the impacts and possible delays of trains in particular. We believe that these necessary reconstruction works and modernizations will contribute to further increasing the capacity and reliability of railway transport.