RO e-Transport System in Romania – Update No.1.


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Regarding to our Newsletter No. 84/2022 from 07/07/2022 and Newsletter No. 36/2024 from 17/05/2024, where we informed you about the implementation of RO e-Transport system from 1 July 2022 based on Romanian Ministry of Finance decision, we would like to inform you about some details and remind you about the sharp start of the system, from 01/07/2024.

RO e-Transport is an electronic system that is used to monitor road transport of goods with a high tax risk in Romania valid for a list of goods with a high fiscal risk. From 01/07/2024 this obligation for RO e-Transport will be valid for all international shipments, regardless of the commodity.

The obligation to register the transport is on the side of the Romanian entity – the importer, exporter, warehouse.
After entering the transport data, the system will generate a unique UIT / ITU (identification transport) code, which is used for further identification of the goods and must be indicated on the transport document of the carrier.

METRANS will be responsible for providing the information to our transport ordering party about the driver, vehicle data, carrier, in accordance with applicable legislation and GDPR regulations.

METRANS will need the unique UIT / ITU (identification transport) code from the ordering party back in order to provide it to the carrier.

Without a valid UIT / ITU code it is not possible to arrange the truck transport. METRANS takes no responsibility for any penalties or consequences resulting from failure to report each shipment involved or because of an incorrect UIT / ITU code provided.

In case of any questions or uncertainties, please do not hesitate to contact METRANS Customer Service.

Further information is available in the attached PDF file, and also at the below link:
GhidROe-Transport.pdf (
ORD DE URGENTA 115 14/12/2023 – Portal Legislativ (

Newsletter for business partners of METRANS Group,  No. 84/2022, July 07, 2022:

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