Stopped Trains from/to the Port of Koper + Information to the Northern Ports after the Strike – Update No.3


Dear Business Partners,

With reference to previously shared information, today we would like to give you the latest update on the status of shipments to North German ports as well as to ports in the Adriatic.

Yesterday, our colleagues already informed you of postponed export shipments mainly via Prague, Ceska Trebova and Usti nad Labem terminals. We want to thank you for your help and understanding, because the current situation concerning these terminals and seaports in North Germany, has an impact on the capacities of the inland terminals.

Today, we managed to release some of the stopped trains on the line towards Hamburg and Bremerhaven to both of these ports. As for Koper trains, stopped trains were able continue their way. Although only partially, we expect the situation to improve in the coming days. Regarding trains to Italy, due to the closure of the alternative crossing of Tarvisio (closed until the end of July 2022), we negotiate each train separately.

In the table below – that is easy to review – you can see the number of ordered slots as well as the number of cleared (already handled) slots. The number of cleared slots depends on the reception of the train, on the terminal itself, the port, the port infrastructure, but also on the capacities of the individual state administrators of the railway infrastructure.

The table will show the status of imports as well as exports for each region. We will update this table daily and at the same time – until the situation normalises – we are preparing to publish it on our website.

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