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The Earth is what we all have in common

Earth Day, also known as International Mother Earth Day, is celebrated each year on April 22.

METRANS did and will do a lot for CARBON NEUTRAL TRANSPORT. METRANS trains in Germany and Austria have been running only on green electricity since 2021, thus generating 60 % less CO2. With the product, HHLA Pure, another 45,118 tons or 911,975 TEU on the destinations from Hamburg, Bremerhaven, Koper and vice versa were completely CO2-free. The goal is to reduce CO2  consumption further through capital investments and measures.

The first electric truck could be put into operation for the last mile in Budapest. In the future, additional electric cranes will replace some of the diesel-powered reach stackers, bringing the Group’s goal of operating completely CO2-free by 2040 a step closer.

Join the movement of achieving zero CO2 with METRANS and HHLA Pure.






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