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The Impact of Saturday’s Blockade in Hamburg on the Operation of our Trains


Dear Customers,

As at the beginning of each week, we would like to provide you with an update on the transport situation on the main corridors. On Saturday, unfortunately, there was a blockade in Hamburg by protesters against climate change. Both rail and road access to the port of Hamburg and thus the port of Hamburg was once again inaccessible for several hours.

More detailed information on the blockade can be found, for example, here:

Climate-Protests: Demos and Blockades in Hamburg | – Nachrichten – Hamburg

The actual impact of this happening on our service are that there were 5 export trains heading to Hamburg stopped. Closely to Hamburg, on the arrival routes, there were 7 import trains blocked as a direct result of the blockade and also because the export trains could not arrive to the port due to which wagons for import trains were missing.

We will continue to monitor the situation and inform you about further developments and the impact on our service.

For more information about your shipment, please contact our customer service department.

Thank you for your understanding.