Traction Energy Surcharge, Fuel Surcharge, Detour Surcharge – Update No.2


Dear Customers,

We would like to provide you with the updates about our surcharges valid from 01/01/2024.

Traction Energy Surcharge (TES) – the traction energy surcharge will continue to be applied and its amount remains unchanged.

Fuel Surcharge (FS) – with regard to the fuel price differences, the amount of the surcharge will vary in each country:  

• PL, SK, AT, RO fuel surcharges remain unchanged
• HU the level of fuel surcharge was determined based on:
   – fuel price
   – the newly introduced fuel consumption tax
• DE, CZ and transfers in the ports between terminals – the amount of fuel surcharge will be changed
SRB fuel surcharge will be newly applied.

The decisive date for the FS application is the unloading or loading date.

Detour Surcharge (DTS)
Detour routes from / to Ostrava METRANS terminal and from / to Kosice METRANS terminal to destinations that were published on our websites (Newsletter No. 13/2023, Newsletter No. 56/2023) and for which a surcharge was applied from 01/10/2023, became permanent. Considering this fact, this surcharge was calculated into the price and will no longer be applied.

DTS Levice via Dunajska Streda METRANS terminal remains still valid in the following amount: 

• Dunajská Streda – 93401 Levice – Dunajská Streda / 66,- EUR
• Dunajská Streda – 93401 Levice – 94901 Nitra – Dunajská Streda / 66,- EUR
• Dunajská Streda – 91701 Trnava – 93401 Levice – Dunajská Streda / 66,- EUR
• Dunajská Streda – 93401 Levice – 93401 Krškany – Dunajská Streda / 66,- EUR
• Dunajská Streda – 93401 Levice – 93701 Želiezovce – Dunajská Streda / 33,- EUR

Currently, there is no information from the authorities about road closures for 2024.

The actual amount of surcharges you can find  on our website.

If you have any questions, please contact our Pricing Department.







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