Continuous operational problems in North German ports


Dear Business Partner,

In regard to previous newsletter, we would like to inform you about the actual operational situation in Hamburg and Bremerhaven ports. Ports capacities are about to reach their maximum resource capacities which significantly affects terminal operations.

Hamburg Port Authority stops some trains before they even reach the port. Terminals insist on the “seven days before vessel arrival” condition, Terminal CTA even demands the rule that the number of export and import containers must be the same very persistently. On top of that, as you can see from the attached letter, terminal CTA has just completely canceled some of the regular slots. That will lead to further significant delays of import and export trains in all terminals in Hamburg.

Train dispatching of both, import and export trains is getting delayed; currently the delay of terminal operation is 12 hours and still increasing. Besides the above-mentioned problems, some of the trains are delayed due to yesterday´s heavy storm impacts (fallen trees or smaller landslides).

As per information from our partners, the negotiations with the trade union have not been finalized yet and unless both sides reach an agreement, further strikes may take place.

All above mentioned operational restrictions and extraordinaries have a significant impact on train traffic between North German ports and Czechia, Slovakia, Austria, Poland, Hungary, and last but not least, German hinterland.
Most of our trains in both directions, import and export, operate with a delay of approximately 12 – 24 hours. We are trying to minimize the delays, however, due to described operational situation, we are not able to guarantee on-time delivery of your import or export shipments. 

We, as METRANS have no possibilities to influence the situation, so we cannot take a responsibility for any extra costs on your shipments caused by the mentioned operational situation that may occur directly to you or indirectly to METRANS. We reserve the right to further invoice such extra costs to you in a particular amount.

We would like to ask you to take this difficult operational situation into the consideration while planning your shipments. For specific information please contact our customer service.

We closely monitor the situation and will further inform you.







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