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Current Situation on the Railway Corridors Leading to/from the Northern Ports and to/from the Adriatic – Update No. 7


Dear Customers,

Following our Newsletter No. 108/2022, we unfortunately have to inform you about a very unfavourable impact of the situation from the past weekend on our services to and from North German ports.

In both import and export directions, we are forced to cancel a total of 22 pairs of trains. The mentioned measure will affect our railway network between North German ports and our entire network, i.e. between the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, Germany and Austria.

This step aims to stabilise the state of railway traffic and maintain the necessary availability and efficient circulation of railway rolling stock (locomotives, carriages) in the rest of our network. We firmly believe that the situation will gradually improve and it will be possible to provide the usual quality of service that you are used to from the past.

As for connections from/to Koper and Trieste, it is still necessary to expect a longer transit time.

For information regarding your specific shipments and the impact on individual ports, please contact our customer service.

For your information, this time we also attach the table that provides an overview of the ordered train slots and slots that we were able to actually implement in both port areas.







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