Current Situation on the Railway Corridors Leading to/from the Northern Ports and to/from the Adriatic – Update No. 6


Dear Business Partner,

We are sorry but as always after the weekend, we have to deliver bad news again. The situation in Germany is not improving, quite the opposite. The port infrastructure introduced the highest – third – degree of restriction at midnight on 30.07.2022. This means that basically no new trains were accepted over the weekend. Today, we are trying to get at least those trains to and from the ports that have been on the way for several days since last week. The situation is the same in all ports served by us. This situation was also joined by the German railway infrastructure, which, just like the ports, does not accept additional trains.

On Saturday, this meant that no new train was dispatched. The assigned Sunday capacity was approximately 50% of the normal capacity. Monday will be affected by the “Elbtal” closure, so the resumption of traffic for new trains is expected only after 5 p.m.

Transportation from and to the Adriatic is also affected mainly by the problems of the railway infrastructure. As for Koper, one complete day of scheduled departures had to be cancelled on Friday, Saturday’s schedule was fulfilled in its entirety, and only two pairs of trains could be dispatched on Sunday, i.e. approximately 50% of the normal schedule.

As for Trieste, transports are currently carried out without restrictions, but it is necessary to expect a longer transit time of trains.

Unfortunately, we have another week ahead of us when we will have to fight for every single train and its acceptance.

We will inform you about further developments today.







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