EU Transit Customs Procedure – NCTS Phase 5, T1 NCTS Customs Documents for Individual Shipments from the Port of Hamburg – Update No.3 – Correction

Dear Customers,
In regard to our Newsletter No. 140/2022, we would like to specify the instructions for issuing T1 documents for import shipments from the Port of Hamburg in services of METRANS.
From 01/06/2023 included, it will be possible to transport only those container shipments on our block trains that have a separate T1 NCTS customs document issued by the customs office of dispatch Zollamt Hamburg DE004851 to the customs office of delivery requested by you.
The necessary data for T1 issuance are stated below:

  1. Container number
  2. Seal number
  3. Eight-digit HS product code
  4. Gross weight of the goods (without container tare)
  5. Number of packages
  6. Total value of the goods in the container
  7. Currency
  8. ATB number -> Commercial invoice number
  9. ATB number
  10. Order of the position of goods in the ATB number (very important)
  11. Recipient of the goods listed in T1
  12. Code of customs office of delivery
  13. Country of origin of goods
  14. Copy of invoice/packing list -> Description of goods

For a simple, transparent transmission of the data needed for the issuance of T1 by our company, we have prepared a data summary in an Excel table for you. The table can be downloaded under the NCTS FORM icon here. We would like to ask you not to change its format, especially the order of the columns. The data from the table will be implemented unchanged in our information system and forwarded to the customs office in Hamburg. The ordering party is responsible for data correctness and completeness.

Please send the table with the documents for issuing the T1 to our customer services as soon as possible after obtaining the ATB number (attention! including the order of the individual positions of the goods in the ATB number), but no later than 3 working days before the arrival (ETA) of the vessel at the port.
In order to jointly manage all the changes in the ordering process of import shipments from the Port of Hamburg, we offer you a transition period during which we will not strictly require providing data for T1 issuance in Excel spreadsheet format. This preparatory period will end on 31/05/2023. For all shipments on our block trains departing from 01/06/2023 included, the transfer of T1 data in the form of Excel table will be mandatory.
The requirement for sending a complete transport order in compliance with our the General Terms and Conditions of our company is not affected by the changes associated with the issuance of T1 NCTS.
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in the process of data transmission for T1 issuance. In case of any questions, please contact our customer services.






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