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Interruption of Operation in Seaports and on Railways in Northern Europe due to Windstorms


Dear Customers,

Yesterday we informed you about the restrictions on the northern connections due to bad weather conditions. Unfortunately, the situation calmed down only briefly, the operation of terminals and depots in seaports has been restored just partially, as well as operation on railway lines is still limited, overfilling of terminals complicates and delays the processing of trains.

However, Northern Europe expects more windstorms to come, which we will face all weekend, and from afternoon of February 18th 2022, operation of port terminals and depots in all North Sea ports, including Hamburg, Bremerhaven and Rotterdam, gets interrupted again. For security reasons, port terminals in German seaports do not accept and handle either trucks or trains, assuming a possible partial restoration of operation during the weekend depending on the situation. In Netherlands, operation of seaport Rotterdam is completely suspended,  as well as all operation on railways. Unfortunately, the restoration of the operation is not expected sooner than after the weekend.

METRANS trains on the corridors to and from Hamburg, Bremerhaven, Rotterdam and Duisburg are being stopped, their arrivals, processing at terminals and departure of consequent departing trains will be significantly delayed.

Colleagues from our customer service departments will inform you about your shipments.