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Notice on current train connections from / to Koper – Update 18.02.2022


Dear Business Partner,

Due to the fact that the extraordinary situation in the Port of Koper is still ongoing, we were again forced to reorganise our trains from / to Koper.

Unfortunately, the ongoing operational situation causing delays up to 12 hours has resulted in the need to cancel another 2 train pairs in last two days. Despite all of our efforts, until this moment, we were not able to substitute the canceled capacity. Regrettably, the missing capacity will have an impact on the transit times from / to Koper.

Due to the valid implemented restrictions, as well as due to delayed arrivals and postponed vessel closings, it is not possible for us to guarantee a timely arrival of export containers to vessels without incurring any additional storage costs.

In case of any questions regarding the actual planning of your transport orders and transit times from / to Koper, please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Service Department.