Achieve your MISSION ZERO CO2 with HHLA PURE – ZERO!

This year, 527,000 standard containers (TEUs) with zero emissions have already been
transported by METRANS trains on all directly connected destinations to Hamburg,
Bremerhaven and Koper. Particularly efficient are the low-emission electric locomotives and
hybrid shunting locomotives, the 80-foot lightweight wagons developed in-house, and the
low-shunting concept of terminal-only block trains. Compared to conventional container
trains, METRANS trains emit an average of 60% less CO2. The actual and average
values were both calculated using the recognized ECO TransIT calculator.

The result was an average reduction in CO2 emissions for the METRANS routes from/to
Hamburg 65.3%, from/to Bremerhaven 61.4% and from/to Koper 52.7%. If you take the
relation Hamburg from/to Ceska Trebova, for example, it is 47.91% less, Hamburg from/to
Dunajska Streda even 73.98% less CO2 emissions.

The CO2 values per relation and TEU certified by TÜV Nord showed that METRANS has
offset 26,251 tons of CO2 so far this year. The compensatory investments have until now
been used for the construction of wind turbines for energy generation in India, but the 20,000
tons of CO2 compensation purchased for this purpose had been used up by mid-June 2021.
In the meantime, another 30,000 tons have been purchased, which will subsequently support
the Sah windmill project in Turkey, more precisely: in Balikesir and Bursa. 35 wind turbines
with an individual output of 3.0 MW have been built there, with an annual output of 431,275
MWh. This Gold Standard certified project makes a valuable contribution to the generation of
renewable, green energy.

METRANS trains in Germany and Austria have been running only on green electricity since
the beginning of this year 2021. The goal is to reduce CO2 consumption even further through
capital investments and measures.

All our customers are welcome to participate via HHLA Pure and will receive a certificate to
prove sustainability. Join the movement of achieving zero CO2 too with HHLA Pure – Zero!
Please contact your METRANS sales representative for further information!






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