METRANS is Expanding the HHLA Pure Network


Dear Business Partner,

As one of the first railway operators and one of the first railway companies, METRANS made an attempt to make its transports climate-friendly.

We already successfully launched a pilot project of CO₂ neutral transport in 2019, and we have been constantly working on the “HHLA PURE” product since 2020. Thus, sustainable transport in the METRANS network is gradually expanding. In this way, your shipments can be transported in a climate-friendly manner.

               Another milestone awaits us already on 1 September 2023.

                     On this day, the following ports become part of our
                                   CO₂-free transportation system:

                Wilhelmshaven, Gdansk, Rotterdam, Trieste and Rijeka.

Our efforts are not only aimed at ports. We are also expanding our inland network.

                                 We are simultaneously integrating the

               inland terminals Duisburg in Germany and Indija in Serbia

                                         into the HHLA Pure network.

From 2021, all rail transport from/to Hamburg, Bremerhaven and Koper is CO₂-free. The expansion was examined by TÜV during this year’s audit and approved without objection. Hence, the exact kilogram values have been calculated for each relation, determining how much CO₂ is saved per TEU, making all rail transport completely emission-free. Most of the savings are already achieved thanks to modern equipment (electric locomotives, hybrid locomotives, quieter and lighter railcars, electric cranes), and the use of green electricity. The remaining carbon emissions are compensated by Gold Standard certificates for construction of wind power plants in Turkey.

“With this expansion, we continue to contribute to climate protection and provide our customers with even more opportunities to transport their containers from the ports to the mainland in a certified environmentally friendly manner,” says CEO Peter Kiss.

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