We would like to inform you about a development of METRANS network in Germany.
We are strengthening the connections between German ports and Berlin, Gernsheim and connecting the METRANS network with a GUT product between Gernsheim and Rotterdam / Antwerp.

Hamburg – Berlin

We are launching direct trains between Hamburg and Berlin (Koenigs Wusterhausen)! The start of our Berlin service was based on a stop-over service of our trains. The times have changed and finally we are providing exclusive direct trains from Hamburg to Berlin three times per week.
Terminal Koenings Wusterhausen is a METRANS terminal located in Southeast Berlin at a reasonable distance from the main warehouse / industrial areas. Besides its location, the terminal ensures a connection with the rest of METRANS network and provides exclusive terminal conditions that you are used to from other METRANS terminals (such as 10 days of free of storage).

Hamburg – Gernsheim

A few months ago, together with GUT we started our cooperation by establishing the first groups of wagons running between Hamburg and Gernsheim. As the market grows, we react and we are pleased to share that from 19 April our service schedule runs with four trains per week!
The service on the Gernsheim corridor is based on a strong partnership with GUT. Besides the terminal services (full and empty depot, MRI services, reefer plug-ins), our partner is ready to provide you with a very competitive product from Gernsheim to Rotterdam and Antwerp by barge.
In connection with METRANS network, the link to Rotterdam and Antwerp (twice per week) offers a valuable possibility to personalize intermodal products as per your needs.
Together with our partners, we have been providing a stable, reliable, cost effective and last but not least carbon neutral solution for many years. We would be hardly successful without your support. Thank you for that and we hope you find METRANS as the right partner to take care of your intermodal transportation.

Please see the contact details for our German customer service and sales:

Martin Novak – Head of German customer services // // +420 724 614 690
Eva Srbecka – Customer service manager – Saxonia // // +420 720 036 530
Tomas Platil –  Sales // // +420 602 241 659
Ondrej Manak – Business development // // +420 702 151 084







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