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Romania – Announcement of a change in tariffs from 01.06.2022


In connection with the economic development in Romania, there has been a continuous increase in operating costs in recent months. Unfortunately, this development has an enormous impact on both the costs in the rail transport segment and also the costs in road transport. Until now, we as METRANS have invested into the development but the radical increases of the last weeks have brought us to the step where we have to react, too.

For this reason, we are forced to announce a change in tariffs for shipments to/from Romania which will take effect on 01.06.2022. We pay maximum attention to the turn of events in Romania, we monitor the development of individual parameters and it will depend on the further development of economic indicators in Romania to what extent the prices can be stabilized.

With this step, we try to keep the relevance of the offered service at the required level, as our goal is certainly not to reduce it.

We are confident that you understand our steps and that we will continue to build this relatively new service together.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time. We are at your disposal.







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