METRANS to expand network through the new investment in Hungary

Budapest, 19.02.2021

  • Planned construction of a terminal in Zalaegerszeg
  • Strategic investment over €40 million
  • Adriatic Corridor

We as METRANS are going to build a further modern HUB terminal in Europe, which will be placed in the western part of Hungary. In order to realize this investment, a corresponding agreement was signed between METRANS and the Hungarian government.

Peter Kiss, CEO of the METRANS Group, has announced investments of over € 40 million to construct and equip the new terminal. “This major financial investment demonstrates how important Hungary is to the further development of METRANS. We want
to grow in Hungary and with Hungary. The planned terminal will help to give the country and region a further boost towards becoming one of the most efficient logistical hubs in Europe

The foundations will be laid in autumn of this year after the necessary legal framework has been created. The first section of the facility shall go into operation during year 2023. METRANS expects that approximately 120 new jobs will be created in Zalaegerszeg.

Thanks to our METRANS´ investment, Zalaegerszeg can develop into a major rail & road HUB terminal and logistics centre in the future on the transport axis between Adriatic ports and European markets. According to experts, the Adriatic corridor will become a priority trade route, and Zalaegerszeg will play a key role in this.

METRANS’ new terminal will not only promote economic growth in the city and the region, but will also provide a green alternative by shifting a significant amount of freight traffic from public roads to environmentally friendly rail.

METRANS Zalaegerszeg Terminal Animation






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