Problems with numerous schedule changes due to vessel delays and operational problems in seaports

Due to the unsatisfying situation with repeated vessel delays and the consequent operational problems with terminal operations in seaports all over Europe, we increasingly face your contacting us with a number of requests for rebooking containers, especially in the export direction, from one train departure to another.

We understand that the situation is not satisfactory, and it’s getting even more difficult with further restrictions at some seaports which introduce limitations for time period in which the containers can be delivered there – before vessel departure.

Unfortunately, we are forced to inform you that it may come to necessity to dispatch the containers with originally booked train, without the possibility of further changes.

In various seaports the vessel arrivals are getting delayed, as you surely know, and that happens even several times in a row at one ocean service. Despite our efforts to respond as much as possible to your requests for rebooking a shipment to another departure and shifting departures to the required dates, it is unfortunately not always possible to satisfy everyone’s demands due to capacity and time reasons of our train services. In addition, these fluctuations cause considerable additional costs with empty spaces on our trains, or with cancellations or changes in train transports.

We will continue to monitor the situation, in case of further worsening of the situation, with restrictions on export directions, we will also be forced to take further measures.

For your specific requirements and information on possibilities of particular services, your usual contacts at our customer service departments stay at your disposal.







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