New Feature on the METRANS Group Website – Update No.1


Dear Business Partners,

Last year, in Newsletter No. 31/2021 we informed you about the introduction of the new online application “INFO BUDAPEST” (available on the  METRANS Group website: for shipments transported through our METRANS Budapest Terminal (BUCS).

To support our customers, from 01.08.2022, the application will be extended with a new function to be able to check not only full but also empty containers. Hence, communication while verifying pick-up and drop-off references becomes faster and easier.
Thanks to this new function, you will be able to check the following information:

• Checking the possibility of picking up a full container from BUCS terminal
• Checking the possibility of delivering a full container to BUCS terminal
• Checking the possibility of picking up an empty container from BUCS terminal
• Checking the possibility of delivering an empty container to BUCS terminal

Based on the positive response to the usage of the mentioned application and with the aim of making terminal operations faster and more efficient, this application will be available for all terminals in the METRANS network from 01.09.2022.

From 01.09.2022, the name of the application will also change from “INFO BUDAPEST” to “TERMINAL INFO”.

Registration will be possible directly via our website who are already registered do not have to make a new registration after 01.09.2022, all registrations will remain valid. The currently used information channels (INFO BUCS telephone line and e-mail) will be cancelled on this date.

We believe that this application will help you optimise the planning of your transports and will also be beneficial for the terminals themselves to run trucking operations more efficiently.

In case of any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service department.






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