Current Situation on the Railway Corridors Leading to/from the Northern Ports and to/from the Adriatic – Update No. 5


Dear Customers,

We have to inform you that the German railway company DB Netz AG, due to overcrowded ports, stopped traffic to North German ports on the night of 28.7.2022.

Although, according to the latest reports, the service has already been restored, further delays of trains have occurred in this direction. This delay in export will continue to have a very significant impact also on the import route from all North German ports including Wilhelmshaven. The current delay in the import direction from Hamburg and Bremerhaven reaches up to 120 hours.

North German ports are announcing a reduction in their operating capacities for the coming weekend. We expect this restriction to further aggravate the already complicated situation.

We would like to send you a notice from Slovenian Railways regarding restrictions on the Adriatic corridor due to several unforeseen circumstances that affect our timetable. In addition, extreme temperatures affect infrastructure facilities where the operator must take various measures to ensure the safety of railway traffic. As a result, most often, track closures, the implementation of temporary sanation and imposition of temporary slow orders through such locations are required. For the reasons mentioned, we were forced to cancel 5 pairs of trains from/to Koper.

Railway traffic from/to Italy was temporarily interrupted until 1:24 p.m. today due to intervention by firefighters on the railway line through the Villa Opicina border crossing.

We are constantly monitoring the situation and we are trying to deliver as many shipments as possible to the ports and inland terminals as soon as possible. However, please expect delays when planning your shipments. We will keep you updated.

If you have any questions about your specific orders, please contact our customer service.

For your information, this time we also attach the table that provides an overview of the ordered train slots and slots that we were able to actually implement in both port areas. 







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