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Operational problems – delays in terminal operations in German seaports

Dear Business Partner,

Based on information and reports we have received from the port of Hamburg, we have to inform you that despite the operational situation has calmed down recently, the port of Hamburg is facing operational problems and irregularities caused by vessel delays again. Such a situation has a massive impact on our inland network as the trains in North German ports are dispatched with the delay. Currently, our trains are delayed in some cases even more than 24 hours (depends on individual seaports and connections). Unfortunately, considering the upcoming national holidays in Germany, the delay may be even higher than it is now.
According to the latest information, in the port of Bremerhaven, compared to the original plan, the start of railway traffic is postponed by 24 hours after the public holidays and traffic start again on 25.05.2021 from 06:00.
We are very sorry, but the operational problems in the ports will have an impact on future export and import shipments booked via North German ports. Our customer services will inform you about the impact on your shipments individually.
Thank you for your understanding.






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