Problematical processing of trains in German seaports regretfully continues

Following the information from last week, we are forced to inform you about the current situation – delays in processing trains from/to north-German ports at individual terminals in the ports of Hamburg and Bremerhaven. Unfortunately, in the ports during the weekend and after Monday’s public holiday, the delays in processing trains increased again; the situation varies according to the individual terminal, but exceptionally it reaches also 72 hours of delay on departure in the import direction; currently, despite all our efforts, we have not managed to catch up and it is necessary to count with larger delays in import direction also in the coming days.

In export direction to Hamburg and Bremerhaven, we manage to keep departures from the Czech Republic on time according to regular timetables, even at the cost of increased costs for additional operative measures, but with regard to the situation in ports, it is still necessary to count with delays in unloading trains and delivery to individual port terminals there, depending on their current operating situation, it can be even more than 24 hours.

As this situation caused trains not to depart from the port, in the import direction, before the holidays, and trains, including locomotives, remained blocked in Germany and the locomotives did not return to inland terminals, as an example of an operative measure we decided to move a locomotive train consisting of six METRANS locomotives yesterday afternoon to Prague, so that today we can dispatch next export trains according to a regular schedule.

We believe that the situation will calm down and stabilize in the coming days and we will become able to handle everything without significant delays again.

Our customer service departments will inform you about the impact on the shipments in particular.

Thank you for your understanding.






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