Planned increased of road transport tolls in Hungary

According to the official publication by the Government of the Republic of Hungary no. 212 (decree 44/2019 ITM) with effect from 03/01/2020, new toll sections were added, respectively some motorway sections and first-class roads were reclassified for vehicles over 3.5 tons.

Please find more detailed information in the link below by the Government of Hungary: 

This way we would like to inform you about the specific changes regarding shipments from/to Hungary that will take effect from 15/01/2020:- For road haulage organized via DUST/DUST and DUST/BUD the toll will be increased by EUR 7.00 due to the mandatory use of road no. 813 for freight transportation near Gyor.

For road haulage organized via BUD/BUD toll changes will occur by selected destinations about which our pricing department can provide you with more detailed information.

For road haulage organized via Kosice, despite the introduction of new toll road sections in eastern Hungary, we decided to keep the road tolls at the level of 2019. Our pricing department will start sending price lists for Hungary in the coming days where new road tolls will be added for 2020.

For better understanding, we included all terminals and tolls to one Excel file. Prices for import and export destinations will be listed in separate sheets. If you have any questions or require further clarification, please do not hesitate to contact our pricing department –






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